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Mad Dash

It's official

Posted on 2009.03.04 at 22:05
The boy has been copying words over and over for ages. Writing things like "Muppet Movie" and "THX" and "Coming soon to DVD" on every scrap of paper he can find. But repeating the same thing over and over doesn't really count now does it?

Exhibit 1: We were eating out tonight, and he tried to go play with the drink fountain. I grabbed him, walked him back to the table and said, "Don't touch." He replied, "don't touch fant-" J looked back at the drinks, and saw the particular drink that C had been trying to squirt all over everywhere was fanta. But he hadn't gotten the whole word, he'd only really pronounced half of it, so we couldn't be sure.

Exhibit 2: As we're driving home, C says, "Game stop... Stop the game!" We look off to the right, and sure enough there was the gamestop.

So I'm making it official. He's learned to read.

Mad Dash


Posted on 2009.02.14 at 09:39
C got up early today, and was asking to watch this movie or that one. (no regular TV in this house, I'm so not listening to him reciting commercials all day.)

Anyway, he was getting frustrated, so he went upstairs into the office, and locked the door so we couldn't stop him from doing what he wanted to do. Never mind that both J & I are still in bed. Once he was safe to explore with impunity, he went into the little attic/closet where he thinks we've hidden the movies. And shut the door behind him. The door that only opens from the outside.

Now the boy's been whining all morning, loud screechy whines that we've been working hard to sleep through. But after a while I notice that the whines are starting to sound more desperate, and they seem to be coming from one place, no longer moving around. So I crawl out of bed to go check it out.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick a lock when your eyeballs won't focus yet?

He seems to be over the trauma.

Mad Dash

Going to Seattle or, the Apple Commercial

Posted on 2009.02.04 at 07:02
Current Location: seattle
Yeah, so, on the second leg of my flight. I'm the first one in on my row, which works out cause I'm the window seat. I sit down and pull out my ipod shuffle. The guy with the middle seat arrives, stows his bag and pulls out a standard ipod. Then the guy on the aisle gets there and pulls out an iphone. We say haha isn't this funny, it's like a commercial.

About halfway through the flight, I have a brilliant idea, so I pull out my macbook and start sorting through the data. 10 minutes later, the guy on the aisle gets bored with his magazine and pulls out his macbook. The guy in the middle looks at me, looks at the other guy, and says, 'oh man, we all have macs too.'

The first flight was almost stranger. I got on the bus to the airport at CMU, along with someone who I thought was a Brit and a person who appeared to be his host. I get off the bus and walk up to the counter to check in, and he walks up behind me. When I get onto the plane, he's in the seat next to me. We engage in the normal airplane chitchat, and it turns out he works for the New Zealand commissioner of privacy. I point to the journal article I'm reading, written by one of my advisors, and say you know he's really big into that, you should talk with him. Turns out that my advisor was one of the people he'd been meeting with in Pittsburgh. my mind is blown.

Mad Dash

never want to need a backboard & neckbrace again

Posted on 2009.01.25 at 17:47
So, I was kinda letting this bloggy thing melt away, but I figure I owe my friends a recounting of the events of last Sunday.

It had been frickin cold in Pgh for more than a week. Down near 0F. We'd had quite a bit of snow, but it was way too cold to even think about going out to play in it. I like my fingers and toes, and I was not keen to lose one to frostbite.

But last Sunday it warmed up to above 20F. We had more than 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it was time to go sledding. We blew up our inner tube sled and drove towards the park in our new neighborhood. The lovely hill in our old neighborhood was clear across town, so we just drove around the park looking for where the kids were sledding. We found a nice clear hill that didn't look too steep, and crawled out of the car. C & I plopped onto the sled, got a nice push from J and off we went.

Into a metal telephone pole at the bottom of the hill.

See, about half way down the hill, when the inner tube sled turned completely around so that we were going down backwards, I realized that we were completely without any steering mechanism. So I got slammed across the back with a telephone pole. C got thrown completely free and hopped up ready for another ride.

I got to lay in the snow for 10-15 minutes while the eagle scout witness called an ambulance, and got a blanket from his car so I didn't freeze. And of course the EMT's wanted to take spinal precautions. Let me tell you, a backboard is damned uncomfortable, particularly when you're a person-sickle.

So I'm lucky that I took the entire impact on my right side between my butt & shoulder blade. The bruise didn't touch the spine. I didn't hit my head at all. So no concussion & no spinal injury. After the x-rays, the doctors were amazed that I didn't even crack a rib.

Two days later, I had to go into the univ. health clinic to get a different narcotic that wouldn't make me sick to my stomach. They looked at the bruise and went OMG Kidney damage!? But I didn't even have any of that.

God was really looking out for me, I only had bruised muscles and bruised ribs.

But do you have any idea how much you need the muscles in your back just to shower and get dressed? I couldn't reach my feet to put on my own pants or shoes for 4 days. I finish the heavy drugs tonight, and tomorrow I will once again be able to operate heavy machinery.

Mad Dash


Posted on 2009.01.06 at 19:26
The paper I wrote today was deemed by my husband to be a "jig on several soapboxes"

Mad Dash

Doodlebug's Christmas Soup

Posted on 2008.12.25 at 14:13

Doodlebug loves Remy the Rat. And he insisted on making soup for Christmas lunch (we'll have ham for dinner).

Now, as for the recipe. I made a few suggestions; tomatoes & bacon. And I controlled when ingredients were added, but this really is Doodlebug's soup. He not only chose the ingredients, but he also helped chop stuff.

Saute some chopped onion & bacon until the bacon's cooked.
Add a couple of minced portabella mushrooms and saute them until they smell good. (Remy loves mushrooms)
Add a couple of chopped plum tomatoes (canned) and their juice.
Pour in some water. (he really wanted to add a LOT of water.)
Add a teaspoon minced fresh rosemary.
Add a couple handfuls of frozen green beans (he grabbed these out of the freezer at the very beginning).
Pour in a can of beans - marinated bean salad from Trader Joe's.
Add 1/2 cup of rice.
Simmer until rice is cooked.

Good stuff.

Mad Dash

The cold has come

Posted on 2008.11.19 at 17:27
Friday it was in the 70's. From Sunday through today, there has been snow.

My dear doodlebug has discovered that if he lays on the floor in the kitchen, the vent blows nice warm air straight on him. I have a feeling he'll be there most of the winter. It's a good place to play cars anyway.

He turns 6 in 6 days, I can't hardly believe it. He's asking for a green Chick and Mater to go with his Lightning McQueen's. An appropriately sized Mater is already waiting patiently in our closet. I really hope we can find a Chick bigger than the matchbox size when we hit the store again on Saturday.

Mad Dash

I feel gipped

Posted on 2008.11.08 at 12:54
The world has a party and I have to spend election night with cranky republicans.

When the election was called: the quote from my FIL, "God save us all."

I have been cheated. I still can't celebrate in my own house. They're still here. And getting crankier. And bossier.

I can't talk about the gay marriage stuff at all, even to think aloud. I can't even fix my own lunch. I know they're here to help. But I'm getting cranky too.

Did I mention they hired a handyman to come while we were at school? didn't discuss it with us at all.

And I'm still angry about missing the party.

Mad Dash
Posted on 2008.11.03 at 09:26
Even if you couldn't care less about how cool Texas Tech is. That's some damn fine football.

Mad Dash

Ow, the stupid

Posted on 2008.10.25 at 19:40

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